coolest destinations

Africa makes the 2019 destination ‘cool list’

At SW Africa, we never once doubted the fact that Africa is a pretty ‘cool’ destination. We’re happy to say that now: it’s official. National Geographic […]
Luxury travel like never before in Africa

Luxury travel like never before in Africa

Luxury travel is no longer characterised by glitz and glamour, stylish accommodation and crystal chandeliers. In 2019, travellers will put a premium on an adventure, exclusivity […]
SW Luxury Travel

Luxury in Africa? Bring the kids!

Luxury in Africa used to be an adults-only affair with upmarket lodges applying strict no-children policies. However, during recent years the definition of luxury has gone […]
wellness in wilderness

Wellness in wilderness

Get your ‘Zen’ back in Africa Referred to as the fastest growing travel sector in the world by major travel companies, wellness tourism is becoming increasingly […]
Gorilla trekking

Rwanda or Uganda? Where to view the Mountain Gorilla trekking?

Gorilla trekking has always been a bucket list experience for travellers to Africa. The recent visit to the Gorillas of popular TV talk show host Ellen […]
Southern Africa Travel

Southern Africa travel can turn you into a free-range human

When last did you feel the coolness of crisp, green grass beneath your feet, or the smell of freshly cut wood burning in a campfire? Southern […]
Safari Experience in Africa

5 Things You Will Remember on Your Safari Experience in Africa

We can’t say enough about Africa as a travel destination. It’s a continent that will reward you with colourful cultures, pristine coastlines, rumbling waterfalls, arid deserts, […]
Top 5 Self-Drives in South Africa

Top 5 Self-Drives in South Africa

Go Your Own Way: The Top 5 Self-Drives in South Africa Nothing beats a self-drive through South Africa. On a self-drive, you can go as slow […]

Top 5 Adventure Experiences in Southern Africa

Southern Africa is a playground for thrill seekers, but even those who usually play it safe will be tempted to dabble in some of the adrenaline-charged […]
Africa: no wing man, no problem!

Africa: no wing man, no problem!

It is often said that you haven’t really travelled until you have travelled alone. Regardless of whether this is true or not, solo travel is definitely […]
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