July 2020: Newsletter

Time seems to go slowly during this crisis. We know that it will eventually pass and travel to Africa will again open up endless possibilities for exploration […]

June 2020: Newsletter

Travel Inspiration: Why We Like to Travel to Africa Travel to Africa brings us joy. A sense of adventure as we are immersed in the rich diversity of […]
Luxury travel like never before in Africa

Luxury travel like never before in Africa

Luxury travel is no longer characterised by glitz and glamour, stylish accommodation and crystal chandeliers. In 2019, travellers will put a premium on an adventure, exclusivity […]
top 100 Greatest Golf Courses

A sneak peek into the top three Golf Courses of South Africa

Every year, the Golf Digest publishes its prestigious list of the World’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses. This year, three of these prestigious courses were located in […]

Visiting South Africa for the first time?

If you’re visiting South Africa for the first time, you may have realised in the planning process how easy it is to spend hours going in […]
South African Small Towns

The Best Small Towns in South Africa

SW Africa and David Fleminger talk dorpies David Fleminger, the South African author of Fair Game – a hidden history of the Kruger National Park and […]

Millennial travel incentive trip to Southern Africa

5 Reasons to make you next millennial travel incentive trip to Southern Africa Look no further than Southern Africa as a destination for your next millennial […]
Southern Africa Travel

Southern Africa travel can turn you into a free-range human

When last did you feel the coolness of crisp, green grass beneath your feet, or the smell of freshly cut wood burning in a campfire? Southern […]
Safari Experience in Africa

5 Things You Will Remember on Your Safari Experience in Africa

We can’t say enough about Africa as a travel destination. It’s a continent that will reward you with colourful cultures, pristine coastlines, rumbling waterfalls, arid deserts, […]
Top 5 Self-Drives in South Africa

Top 5 Self-Drives in South Africa

Go Your Own Way: The Top 5 Self-Drives in South Africa Nothing beats a self-drive through South Africa. On a self-drive, you can go as slow […]
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