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Warning! Send your employees to Southern Africa for their next incentive trip or meeting, and they’ll never be the same again.

There are just a handful of destinations around the world that have a profound effect on travellers, and Africa is without question one such destination. Africa gets under your skin and will impact the way you look at yourself, it will invigorate your mind and warm your soul.

Here are five experiences that are sure to have a profound impact on your employees:

  1. Alone in the wilderness


Back-to-nature. Imagine a mobile safari camp set up exclusively for your incentive group in the middle of the African wilderness. Away from the noise and pollution of the big city, your delegates will experience the most rewarding soul searching amidst the wildlife and the beauty of Africa’s landscapes. Go to sleep under the stars and wake up to the gentle noise of the wildlife surrounding you…

  1. Make an impact on someone’s life


Don’t we all just take our sheltered life for granted? Allow your delegates to give back to the local communities through carefully selected community projects.People today want to make a long-lasting difference in someone’s life. They don’t just want to embark on a township tour, they want to get their hands dirty and do something truly meaningful, such as building a house for a family.

It’s important to make sure that the project you select is about genuine upliftment and not a ‘showcase’ for tourists. Your delegates will get an insight into the remarkable stories that make life in South Africa so interesting, dynamic and very importantly, inspiring.

  1. Help protect wildlife


The number of African rhinos killed by poachers continues to increase. Across Africa in 2015, at least 1 338 rhinos were killed. Lions have also been in the spotlight during the past year. The plight of Cecil the lion has highlighted to everyone how valuable and precious our world’s wildlife is.

People across the world have started realising that if they want their children to be able to enjoy and appreciate Africa’s beautiful wildlife, they’ll need to act and act fast. So, get your delegates to be actively involved in conservation and participate in tangible conservation projects.

They’ll be able to get right in the midst of the action and assist wildlife vets with animal relocations and notching. They’ll locate and dart animals from the vantage point of a helicopter or they’ll track the animal by 4×4. Once darted, they will assist the veterinary team to either notch or relocate the animals. They’ll help with critical functions like monitoring body temperature, blood pressure, respiration and keeping the animal calm and cool.

  1. High-thrill eye-opening adventures

Victoria falls

Our cushy lives with our smartphones, desk jobs and supermarket loyalty cards mean that we are all lacking some adrenaline kicks from time to time. We all need that thrill to feel alive again and to flirt a little bit with danger.

Southern Africa, and especially the Victoria Falls, is the ultimate playground for adrenaline junkies. From wild-water rafting to bungee jumping to helicopter flips, the Victoria Falls offers every single possible adrenaline activity in one place.

Your delegates will be forever changed after wading in Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls in Livingstone. When the water levels are just right (usually between September and December) Devil’s Pool forms a lovely rock barrier between you and the edge of a massive waterfall. 

  1. Share music, art and thought

African music

Culture exchange experiences tend to have a profound impact on incentive travellers and will have them talking on social media until long after they have returned from their trip.

The options are endless here. Are your delegates sports lovers? Let them play soccer with some of the local soccer teams! Do they like music? How about organising a jamming session with local music groups. Playing music together, exchanging ideas and sharing similar interests brings a connection between the cultures on a different level and leads to very powerful experiences.