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Africa makes the 2019 destination ‘cool list’

At SW Africa, we never once doubted the fact that Africa is a pretty ‘cool’ destination. We’re happy to say that now: it’s official. National Geographic […]
SW Luxury Travel

Luxury in Africa? Bring the kids!

Luxury in Africa used to be an adults-only affair with upmarket lodges applying strict no-children policies. However, during recent years the definition of luxury has gone […]
wellness in wilderness

Wellness in wilderness

Get your ‘Zen’ back in Africa Referred to as the fastest growing travel sector in the world by major travel companies, wellness tourism is becoming increasingly […]

The 5 best things to do on a first-time Botswana safari

The 5 Best Things to do on a first-time Botswana safari Botswana is a Southern African country of legendary safari status and the most popular question […]
Southern Africa Travel

Southern Africa travel can turn you into a free-range human

When last did you feel the coolness of crisp, green grass beneath your feet, or the smell of freshly cut wood burning in a campfire? Southern […]
Safari Experience in Africa

5 Things You Will Remember on Your Safari Experience in Africa

We can’t say enough about Africa as a travel destination. It’s a continent that will reward you with colourful cultures, pristine coastlines, rumbling waterfalls, arid deserts, […]
5 Reasons South Africa is the Best Place to Play a Round of Golf

5 Reasons South Africa is the Best Place to Play a Round of Golf

If you are looking to play golf – a lot of golf – then look no further than South Africa. This is the homeland of some […]
Cape Town Leisure Tips

Cape Town Leisure Tips

You’ve decided to head to South Africa’s Mother City, Cape Town (great choice), and you are looking forward to venturing up Table Mountain, sampling its famous […]

Bill Harrop’s Balloon Safaris

I was lucky to be invited by Bill Harrop’s Balloon Safaris for an educational. The launch site is situated approximately an hour’s drive from Johannesburg, on […]

Africa embraces new concepts of luxury

A limousine, crystal glasses and caviar… For our grandparents, this was the ultimate luxury experience. But, is this still our concept of luxury today? Probably not. […]
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