Everyone can be an expert on something or about everything thanks to the Internet in our modern tech-savvy DIY era. Take your next trip to Africa for example. With some ‘solid’ Internet research, you’ll effortlessly be able to find the perfect hotel and venue for your company’s conference in Africa, right? What could possibly go wrong?

Let’s just say that when it comes to travel in Africa, your DMC could know one or two things that you (or the Internet) don’t. We’ll let you in on 4 things your DMC in Africa knows that you don’t…

  1.Not all transport is created equal


Imagine this: you arrive in Africa to find that the transport from the airport, although cheap, doesn’t actually have air-conditioning despite it being 35 degrees Celsius. Added to this, the transport organiser seemed very ‘optimistic’ when it comes to the number of delegates that can fit into one minivan.

Do you know from where to source local transportation for a group? A DMC will have the local know-how and will tell you exactly where to source the most reliable buses or other transport.

 2.Is your watch set to African time?


Amongst the greatest assets, Africa has to offer travellers are its friendly people and its laid-back atmosphere. However, when hundreds of delegates arrive at the same time at a local hotel in Africa, the receptionist’s ‘no rush’ attitude could just create long queues and, as a result, grumpy delegates. Added to this, you’ll have to figure out who wants to share a room with whom? And, are you prepared for the extra cost of porterage fees?

Why not leave all of this hassle to your DMC, who’ll know perfectly how to deal with it all.

3.Party on the beach? Are you aware of the by-laws?

cape Town party

Have you imagined a beautiful nighttime party on the beach in Cape Town or Durban for your event? You couldn’t have chosen better: South Africa’s tropical beaches offers the most amazing and panoramic view and a picture-perfect setting for any event.

However, are you aware of the prevailing rules and by-laws for outdoor events at the beach? And are you up-to-date with the tides schedules? High tide can completely cover some beaches in Africa…

Your DMC will be in the know.

4.‘local’ and ‘authentic’ do you want your event or excursion to be?

Untitled design (12)

Most travellers to Africa nowadays are requesting an authentic travel experience. But, do you know how authentic you want your event to be? Are you sure your delegates are up to trying out Mopane worms, considered a delicacy in Zimbabwe?

Your DMC will be able to suggest authentic experiences that perfectly fit your group. He or she will also be able to suggest quality guides instead of a local ‘self-made’ tour guide, who might not be up to standards.