A limousine, crystal glasses and caviar… For our grandparents, this was the ultimate luxury experience. But, is this still our concept of luxury today?

Probably not. It’s not that we don’t want ‘nice things’ anymore. Of course, we do, but we also want unforgettable experiences. We want to enjoy the best in life from viewing the most exclusive sunset in Botswana to sleeping under the stars in Namibia or sharing ideas with the street kids of Soweto.

There is no destination that has grasped and embraced these new concepts of luxury better than Africa…

  1. Understated luxury in the African savannah


Who needs crystal chandeliers and golden bathroom taps, if you have the luxury of exclusivity in the African savannah? Clients are craving a ‘back to basics’ experience without actually wanting to ‘rough it’.

So, imagine a tent set up exclusively for you in a breathtaking location in the African wilderness. You’ll experience the thrill of sleeping under the stars, while still enjoying all the luxuries that make your stay comfortable and special. This is taking glamping to the very next level.

  1. Luxury wellness experiences after a safari


Safaris – even when done in the lap of absolute luxury – can be very tiring. You’re usually up at the crack of dawn to catch the best wildlife sights. That is why it’s a good idea to add a couple of days to indulge in ultimate wellness relaxation after your safari experience.

Imagine a spa that blends seamlessly into the natural surroundings of the African landscapes. Indulge in typical African treatments to rejuvenate your senses and replenish your spirit. Try exfoliation treatments using fine red dune sand or desert mineral crystals in Namibia or enjoy a facial with local ingredients and oils.

2. The luxury of uninterrupted time with your family 


In our busy lives today, there’s no greater luxury than the luxury of uninterrupted family time to truly reconnect with those you love. In the African savannah, there are no interruptions, no cell phones to distract us and no loud traffic noises.

Introducing your children, or grandchildren, to the wonders of Africa is, quite simply, an unforgettable experience. You will never forget the wonder in your child’s eyes the first time they see a giraffe or a lion in ‘real life’. It’s a memory you and they will cherish for a lifetime.

     3.The luxury of coming face-to-face with the world’s most impressive wildlifefamily2

Watch wild animals roam freely in the bush, fall asleep to the sounds of nature, and experience the thrill of tracking wildlife on foot or on horseback. Nothing compares to the raw beauty of wildlife in Africa.

For a truly unique, exclusive and therefore luxurious experience, come alongside a wildlife vet, game ranger or wildlife specialists and help them perform their daily tasks. Participating hands-on in tangible conservation projects is an unforgettable experience for any traveller. It allows you to get right in the midst of the action and assist wildlife vets with animal relocations and notching.

      4. The luxury of authentic cultural encounters



Culture exchange experiences have a profound impact on travellers, and will without a doubt enrich your life. Live with the pastoral Himba in Namibia and let them show you their way of life, and expect them to be as fascinated by your Western appearance as you are by their African look.


Or, head to Soweto, South Africa and hear the kwaito music; see children running alongside the road; smell the Kota (favourite junk food in Soweto) and corn cobs over the fire, and laugh at the good-natured comments from vendors selling everything from sunglasses to snuff…



If you want to take your experience one step further, embark on a project that allows you to ‘give back’ to the local communities and make a long-lasting difference in someone’s life by building a house for a family or helping out at a local school.