It is often said that you haven’t really travelled until you have travelled alone. Regardless of whether this is true or not, solo travel is definitely one of the hot travel trends of 2017.

In many ways, solo travel has become more convenient for travellers who prefer to go about their adventures alone. Perhaps it is because the days where solo travellers were banished to a tiny room under the roof and then hit with hefty single supplements are long gone. Current-day travellers want to step out of their comfort zones and embrace an adventure by themselves. And, while many travellers would not immediately think of Africa as a solo travel destination, it is perhaps time to give it a second look.

Here are some top reasons why Africa should be on the top of your list as a preferred solo travel destination.

1.Exciting Overland Travels

Africa: no wing man, no problem!

For first-time solo travellers, safety and security are a major concern no matter what the destination.Organised trips with scheduled departures are the answer to this, and Africa has a great number of exciting overland options for solo travellers to choose from.

Consider a journey through Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe covering famous sights like the Fish River Canyon, walk on the wild side with the wildlife in Etosha Pan National Park, experience first-hand the wonder that is the Okavango Delta, head into the Namib Desert to explore the Sossusvlei and of course get the opportunity to witness the amazing Victoria Falls! The options are truly limitless.

2.Never dine alone

Africa: no wing man, no problem!Loneliness doesn’t have to be a downside of travelling solo when you venture into Africa. The nature of a safari experience alleviates any concern of being by yourself. Game drives are shared experiences, where travellers come together and share the adventures of the day around the bonfire. SW Africa will be able to give solo travellers advice as to which lodges that offer communal dining so that loneliness is never a concern.


3.Soak up culture and history

Africa: no wing man, no problem!

While most destinations globally have a story to tell amazing and interesting cultures to experience, South Africa – for lack of a better explanation – is truly a melting pot of cultures and history. SW Africa offers organised tours that will take you to the heart of the destinations you’re visiting, whether it is the City of Gold, the Kruger National Park, the friendly city of Port Elizabeth, Knysna or Cape Town. Meet with locals, exchange ideas, make music together, and truly get to know the different cultures.

In Africa, solo travellers can expect to be taken care of every step of the way and enjoy the warm and friendly welcome of the African people.

4.Adventure guaranteed!

Africa: no wing man, no problem!Perhaps one of the stand-out traits that make Africa a top solo destination is an adventure. You do not have to be stuck at a resort or a city, you can climb Kilimanjaro, go on a conservation expedition with a vet by your side, or even go shark diving. Adventure is guaranteed!