Touted as entitled, hard to manage and precious, millennials can be difficult to keep happy in the workplace. But, if there’s one sure-fire way to motivate picky Generation Y, and spark their interest and loyalty, it is through travel.

Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’ is a concept of the past that doesn’t ring true for the millennial generation, that would rather spend money on an experience than a material ‘thing’. This means that incentive travel can be extremely rewarding for millennials if organisers ‘get the trip right’.

Not sure how to get it right and create the perfect millennial trip? We’ll let you in on some secrets:

Make a difference


Millennials, more than any other generation, want to make a difference in this world. They even say they would rather ‘help people’ than have a high-paying career.

An incentive trip is an ideal opportunity for them to put their ideas into practice by engaging in opportunities to explore the local geography and cultures while giving back. Be careful not to opt for the cookie-cutter township tours though, but rather select experiences where participants really feel they’ve made an impact. Let them build a house, teach a class or help out in a shelter…. Anything that’s creative, unique and one-of-a-kind.

Be healthy


The younger generation enjoys fun, personalised workouts, healthy foods and holistic wellness.

So ditch the all-you-can-eat buffets, and focus on fresh produce and high-quality food. Be careful not to offer any bottled water, as this will spark an outcry amongst this eco-conscious generation. But more about this later…

Be inventive when organising workouts. Don’t stick to early morning runs, but explore the possibility of planting trees or playing a game of soccer with the kids from the local township as part of a daily workout plan.

Be authentic


Millennials want to be completely and utterly immersed in a new culture. They want to see, feel and taste their destination as if they were locals.

Steer away from the tourist traps. Rather, organise a cooking workshop where delegates can chat to the locals and learn in a truly authentic way about the country’s cuisine by learning how to prepare local dishes.

Don’t just take millennials to a music concert, let them be part of the experience. Organise get-togethers with a local band or choir and allow the different cultures to connect through music.

Save the planet 


Generation Y is acutely aware that the environment is important and that they’ll be responsible for saving our planet. So, as mentioned before, stay away from bottled water, and opt for environmentally friendly ‘green’ offerings, activities and hotels.

Africa is the ultimate continent for travellers who care about the environment. Organise activities that will see your delegates actively take part in conservation. Allow them to help save our rhinos, by participating in rhino relocation and notching activities.

Adhere to a new definition of luxury


Luxury is important to millennials, but not in the traditional sense of the word. For this generation, luxury means authenticity, uniqueness and social value.

So, instead of looking at those five-star resorts, why not try something completely different to wow the millennial travellers and give them a truly luxury experience as they understand it? Imagine an authentic luxury mobile safari camp set up exclusively for your incentive group in the middle of the African wilderness.

Don’t forget technology


Although this generation is genuinely looking to be immersed completely in a new culture, they still want to be able to tweet and post about every detail of their trip. So, don’t expect them to pack away their smartphones and make sure they have access to free Wi-Fi at all times.