Delegates worldwide are increasingly demanding the ultimate event that will engage them in ‘immersive’ experiences. And not just that, they’re looking for cutting-edge technology to help them achieve this.  Here are some of the technology trends you might want to consider integrating into your next event in Southern Africa: 

  1. Virtual Reality


Why limit yourself to one destination? Be in more than one place thanks to the latest virtual reality innovations that allow you to transport your guests to any possible 3D environment

Display technology will also become more popular in 2016 with event organisers using it to change the colour and texture of decor and stage backgrounds or to feature full-motion video presentations. The possibilities are endless… 

  1. Beacon Technology


 Beacon technology has really taken off this year. Not surprising, when you consider the wealth of data insights any company can get thanks to this nifty technology. You can effortlessly monitor attendee location, track them and offer and receive feedback.

You also don’t have to ask attendees to turn on their Bluetooth and charge their phone batteries anymore. Invest in wearable two-way beacons. These wearables are always transmitting BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) signals with a battery life of several days.

So, start thinking up quirky and personalised welcome messages you can send delegates through beacon technology. Consider which push notifications and which advertisement bundles you would like to send, and don’t forget to establish a ‘social media check-in’.

  1. Use an app and go mobile 


The percentage of smartphone users has grown significantly over the past few years, so an event app is without a doubt the best way to reach all your delegates in one go.

You can, of course, use existing apps to talk to your delegates, but it might just be worth splurging that little bit more and invest in your own app so that you can make it as creative and flexible as you want. Consider integrating Sneak Peak Videos, which are the latest trend on social media. By creating a few short clips that capture the highlights of your event, you’re sure to have the attention of your delegates.

  1. Show off the latest wearables 


Who doesn’t own a smartwatch these days? When you create an event app, make sure to make it compatible with the latest wearables on offer.

The smartwatch provides a form of convenience unmatched by mobile phones. Ticketing on smartwatches, for example, gives people access to events quickly and efficiently, without ever having to reach into a pocket

Allow your delegates to sport the latest smart glasses so that they can snap images and access important data about the conference. With the push of a button, these glasses will be able to walk viewers through important step-by-step processes.

Or, tap into your delegates’ inner fitness gurus and help them become more physically active during events and conferences with the help of fitness wearables. 

  1. Don’t forget to KISS 

By now, you probably understand how important technology can be at your next event. But, remember that for technology to have a real impact, you need to Keep It Stupid, Simple (KISS). If technology takes too much effort and adds no value, delegates will just get irritated with it. Keep in mind that technology needs to make life easier for people. If it doesn’t do that, scrap it.