With so many destinations around the world varying for the attention of the sophisticated traveller, travel options are beginning to border on the out of this world. Thankfully, the unique atmosphere and experiences that are inherently African, are by their nature weird, wild and wonderful.

Here’s our take on some of the most incredible ones your travellers can look forward to when they visit African shores:

Pool party with the Devil

You may have heard the expression ‘dancing with the devil’, but how would you feel about taking a dip in his pool? Situated adjacent the Livingstone Island on the edge of the Victoria Falls, travellers can wallow in the thrilling waters of Devil’s Pool, which forms at the edge of the falls where the water cascades downwards. Besides being a superb spot for selfies, it is definitely worth taking a swim to the edge of the falls (just don’t go too far). Devil’s Pool is normally open to visitors between mid-August to mid-January, depending on water levels.

Desert diving

For those of us who have no qualms about throwing ourselves out of an aircraft and plunging to… the desert, consider skydiving in Namibia as an adrenalin-busting option. Swakopmund in Namibia is known for being an oasis in the desert and while it is great to explore the area from down below, the real thrill is getting a view of it from the top. A skydiving excursion normally includes a 20-minute scenic flight of the Skeleton Coast and of course the amazing sand dunes surrounding the town. However, the fun really only starts when you reach an altitude of 10 000 feet. Strapped to your tandem master, you will take the plunge and start free-falling taking in the stunning views on your way down.

Meet the giants of the ocean

Scotland may have Nessy, Africa has whale sharks – possibly not quite as monstrous as the Scottish monster, but we can guarantee they very much do exist. Visitors to Mozambique will have the opportunity not only to spot the endangered whale shark species but also to swim and snorkel alongside them. To put things in perspective, whale sharks are the largest living fish in the world and are known to reach lengths in excess of 14 metres. Don’t be perturbed by their physical size as these creatures are peaceful in nature and really harmless. Better news still, is that these ocean giants are actually quite sociable and curious about human visitors, so don’t be surprised or horrified if they come up very close.

Wherever the big bird takes you


Oudtshoorn, located in South Africa’s Karoo countryside, is very much ostrich heaven and the perfect place to saddle up and go for a ride on Africa’s big bird. While they cannot fly, they make up for it in speed (an ostrich moves at about 70km/hr) and will treat visitors to a bumpy, but thrilling ride. Those brave enough and with some practice and lessons can even take part in a race. Word of caution, though, do not attempt any cowboy stunts and follow the rules and guidelines set out by instructors as these big birds can pack quite a punch.

Make friends with a great white

In South Africa’s Western Cape, visitors can get up close and personal with the beast of the ocean, the great white shark. For about 10 minutes, those brave enough can view these dangerous, yet amazing ocean animals eye to eye. Don’t worry about your odds of becoming an appetizer. You’ll be safely ensconced in a cage and no harm should come to you.