I am all for exploring and trying new things, how can you not be when the world, our country, in fact our city alone has so much to offer. Personally am always after the best views and experiences of whichever city I’m lucky enough to find myself in, and I must admit I am so fortunate that my home town Jozi (Johannesburg) has some pretty exciting things to offer. Recently I was brave enough to promise my better half that we would celebrate his birthday and take a leap of faith….Literally!


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Situated in Soweto, just 20 – 40 minutes outside Johannesburg, depending on where you are, you can find one of South Africa’s most distinctive tourist attractions, the Orlando Towers. Originally the cooling towers for a coal fired power station, now an iconic landmark and adrenaline Hub for vertical adventures and more. They are incredibly and colorfully decorated and offer a spectacular view of Johannesburg, Soweto & its surrounds.

My first visit to the towers was to tick the bungee jump off my bucket list … being afraid of heights and an adrenaline junkie – crazy combination I know – this was by far the most terrifying thing I had ever done but at the same time the most incredible and exhilarating experience ever.

I can still remember how it felt as I walked across the bridge gently swinging between the two towers, my tummy in knots and my mind freaking out. The vibe is incredible, there is music playing and the team at the top are awesome, they keep you completely calm and distracted in random conversation as they quickly strap you up and make sure you are safe & secure.


Only a few minutes had lapsed that felt like a lifetime before I was standing with my toes over the edge. I could hear the guys telling me to keep my hands out like superman, look straight ahead, relax and take a step forward. I won’t lie there was a brief moment of hesitation and I almost asked to go back and next thing I knew I was flying through the air. It is most definitely a crazy awesome feeling for those who dare to live on the edge and as crazy as it sounds I would definitely do it again.

For the less daring or the sane J depending on how you look at it, there is a range of other fun activities to enjoy from Rap jumping to rock climbing, paintball, quad biking and more. You can even ride the elevator to the top to just enjoy the view!.

Author: Ms Jadyne Nydoo

Destination Expert

SW Africa Destination Management.