Luxury travel is no longer characterised by glitz and glamour, stylish accommodation and crystal chandeliers. In 2019, travellers will put a premium on an adventure, exclusivity and uninterrupted downtime. Luxury for the sake of luxury is also out, and pleasure-seekers want to get behind legitimate conservation initiatives. Growth markets will need to cater for few or no other people. The upmarket traveller wants exclusive experiences few others have tried or where access is limited. Check out a similar article here: Africa embraces a new concept of luxury.Luxury tavel like never in AfricaLuxury travel will not be about sleeping at the most luxurious lodge in 2019. Instead, it will be about listening to lions calling to each other at dusk or sleeping out under the stars. Visitors will find it in Namibia, where the Milky Way shines brighter because it is remote. Social media is flooded with pictures of incredible wildlife sightings, setting the bar high for tour operators that advertise exclusive game-viewing experiences in Africa. The challenge for 2019 will be to promote out-of-the-ordinary and exclusive destinations and experiences that aren’t all over Instagram and Facebook. Taking luxury to remote destinations can take special planning. Make sure every detail is taken care of by partnering with an experienced Destination Management Company, leaving nothing to chance.Luxury travel like never before in AfricaDiscerning travellers want unique and customised experiences, going beyond the norm, such as a helicopter ride to view wildlife in a truly remote area instead of the standard luxury lodge and game drive experience that Southern and East Africa also do so well. In 2019, head to Africa for quality, solitude and one-of-a-kind experiences. Luxury travel will continue to mean seeking out those remote destinations, avoiding crowds and doing things and going places people haven’t before. The best place to experience this kind of exclusivity is, without question, Africa.