5 Reasons to make you next millennial travel incentive trip to Southern Africa

Look no further than Southern Africa as a destination for your next millennial travel incentive. There is no better place that will truly inspire your young and dynamic sales team to exceed those targets this year.

This region is already at the top of the trending travel destinations for millennial travellers. According to Tourism Update, in South Africa alone, 46% of international arrivals in 2017 were between the ages of 18 and 35 which proves its true grit within this market.

To help you pinpoint this region as an option for your next millennial travel incentive trip, SW Africa has compiled a list of reasons to help you get into the millennial mindset along with Southern African countries that tick all the right boxes.

Avoid over-tourism in Namibia

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One of the biggest trends in millennial travel is the desire to visit off-the-beaten-track locations. There’s a shift away from typically popular attractions that have become ‘over-touristic’. In Southern Africa, there is no place further off the grid than Namibia, or “Nambia” as the current US president calls it. It’s much like being on a different planet, with red dunes contrasted against clear blue skies, sparse and isolated salt pans, canyons and vast open roads. Tour busses are almost extinct here, and your team will be able to explore the country’s natural attractions without having to compete with selfie-sticks.

Stay green in South Africa

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According to an Earth Day poll by Booking.com in 2017, 68% of travellers confirmed they are more likely to choose accommodation that is eco-friendly. Millennial travellers have caught on quickly to the trend of sustainable travel, where a conscious effort is made to avoid contributing to the decline of our environment. South Africa offers a selection of lodges, hotels, and resorts that follow this philosophy. Knock your team’s colourful, millennial socks off by arranging their travel incentive at an eco-lodge with conferencing facilities in the Kruger National Park. Here, they can tread lightly on immersive bush walks learning about the South African bushveld and the importance of conserving its four-legged inhabitants.

Get active in Zimbabwe

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For your next millennial travel incentive trip, get the team to Zimbabwe. The natural wonder of Victoria Falls will be sure to activate their adventure-seeking nature. This region will have them experiencing new things – things they never thought they could see themselves doing, such as white-water rafting down the Zambezi, bungee jumping and zip lining across the rapids, but most of all, coming face to face with the mighty spray of the “smoke that thunders”. This is team-building at its best when it comes to your next millennial travel incentive- there really is no place better than Victoria Falls.

Admire the ellies in Botswana

Millennial Travel IncentivesWith Instagram tightening its reigns and issuing warnings on wild and exotic animal hashtags, millennials have joined the ranks of travellers who have become increasingly conscious of tourism that involves the exploitation of animals. Leave those city zoos and circuses in the safari dust with your next millennial travel incentive in Botswana. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any traveller – especially millennials – that doesn’t love ellies. You can witness these gentle giants with their families, in the Chobe National Park, out where they should be, without being touched, fed or ridden by humans.

Go for food trends in Mozambique

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52% of organic food consumers are millennials, according to the Organic Trade Association. Millennials are becoming increasingly conscious of what they put into their bodies, along with where it comes from. Look to Mozambique for a millennial travel incentive experience that will satisfy their foodie taste buds, with fresh “farm to fork” cuisine brought from local markets and roadside stalls. They’ll be tucking into giant prawns paired with fresh fish and steaming hot Portuguese rolls with stunning views of palm-fringed beaches. Maputo is worth a visit just for the food alone, which carries strong Portuguese and Arabic influences. Maputo’s Mercado do Peixe (the Fish Market) is a top place to start.