We can’t say enough about Africa as a travel destination. It’s a continent that will reward you with colourful cultures, pristine coastlines, rumbling waterfalls, arid deserts, national parks and nature reserves blessed with a bounty of wildlife. What always rings true, is that a safari experience in Africa is an absolute must for those with a keen sense of adventure. Whether you’re an avid safari-aficionado, or a first timer in the bush, here are some things you will be sure to remember after your next safari:

All that space:

5 Things You Will Remember on Your Safari Experience in Africa

As you transverse the rolling grasslands of Botswana’s Chobe National Park on your safari experience in Africa, you will soon begin to appreciate the vast open space that lies untouched. Well-known for its elephant herds, there is more than enough room for these gentle creatures to wander through the woods and lagoons. Soar 1000 feet above the maze of channels of the Okavango Delta in a hot air balloon safari, with a bird’s eye view of the world below you- truly a sight to remember.

Thousands of stars:

Safari Experience in AfricaDon’t forget to look up. One thing you will remember from being on your safari experience in Africa, is the blanket of stars that await you once the sun goes down. Namibia has some of the darkest skies measured on earth and is a destination that will allow stargazers to truly appreciate thousands of natural sparkling lights. Without the bright city lights intruding, your evenings will be well-spent as you map out the constellations and make a wish on a shooting star.

What’s that smell?

Safari Experience in AfricaA safari experience in Africa is a delight for the senses, but be prepared to encounter a plethora of different smells. From the smell of fresh, steaming coffee as you wake up in at your lodge in the morning, to the smell of fresh, musty dung as you head out on a walking safari. You will soon learn from your tracker-guide, that your nose can be an incredibly useful tracking tool. Those safari smells are all part of the experience and the memories. The next time you catch the scent of wood as it crackles in a fire, you will remember your nights huddled around the campfire on your African safari.

Big game:

Safari Experience in Africa

The Kruger National Park is well-known as the holy grail of wild African animals. If you’re one of those travellers whose heart is set on seeing all the members of the Big 5, then this is a great place to start. Remember though that there are plenty other animals worth catching a glimpse of, as well as other national parks that offer superb wildlife viewing but without the hordes of tourists.

Safari sunsets:

Safari Experience in Africa

Imagine sipping on an ice-cold G&T as you cruise along the Zambezi River, while the sun drops below the horizon casting a fiery glow across the water. Witnessing an African sunset on your safari experience in Africa is like being in the front row for a spectacular live performance. The light is also perfect at this time of the day for those avid nature photographers looking to snap up those money shots, of which there will be plenty.