Southern Africa ticks all the boxes to be the ‘ultimate bucket place’ for Generation Y incentive travellers. This new culturally aware generation wants to be immersed in the local culture, have truly authentic experiences, and find ways to give back to the world.

There’s no better place than Southern Africa to experience this. Here’s why:

Southern Africa touts amazing social responsibility projects


More than anything, millennials want to matter and make an impact on the world. They want to feel that they’re making a true contribution. So, scrap the cookie cutter ‘township tours’ and offer them truly authentic experiences.

Why not spend your day helping a family build a house in one of the townships? Or teach at a local school? Or maybe even volunteer at an animal clinic? By actively participating in the community, millennials can make a true difference as well as have an ‘unforgettable’ travel experience.

Southern Africa offers ‘original’ wellness experiences 


Wellness is an integral part of the millennial lifestyle. Their focus is on holistic wellness that can be achieved by exercising the body and the mind. Combine a wellness element within a social responsibility experience, and you’re sure to have the millennial’s attention.

Why not plant trees or create gardens in one of the poorer neighbourhoods to get your daily workout? Or, organise a soccer match with the kids from the local township. Not only will travellers get a workout, they’ll also feel they’ve made an impact on the local community. 

Southern Africa is truly ‘authentic’


With its diverse cultures and people, Southern Africa is one of the best destinations to have a truly authentic cultural experience, whether it is through social interactions, music or food.

Millennials want to see, feel and taste their destination and explore every aspect of the culture. So, why not sample shisa nyama, chakalaka or have a taste of home-brewed beer at one of the township restaurants? Or learn to cook these dishes yourself by participating in a cooking workshop in the colourful Bo-Kaap?

Sharing music with the local population is another great way to interact in an authentic way with the destination. What better way to come together than to make music together and sing and dance?

Southern Africa offers the latest technology 


It’s no secret that the selfie-generation loves social media and wants to share every detail of their lives. And Southern Africa offers all the facilities and latest technologies that will allow them to post, tweet and Instagram their experiences.

Cape Town especially is at the forefront when it comes to technological advancement in the meeting and incentive sphere. The city boasts quite a few world-class multi-purpose venues and is home to the country’s first virtual reality community, the Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative (CiTi).

Southern Africa is a ‘green’ destination 


As much as social responsibility is important, so too is sustainability. Southern Africa has a large offer of environmentally-friendly ‘green’ hotels and other accommodation to satisfy this need. And, the element of sustainability is also present in many of the experiences Southern Africa offers.

Travellers can take part in hands-on conservation projects where they’ll experience what it’s like to be a wildlife vet. Particularly suitable for smaller incentive groups of up to ten delegates, participants in conservation activities assist wildlife vets with animal relocations and notching. 

Southern Africa offers a new concept of luxury 


Millennial travellers want luxury, but it’s not the same kind of luxury their grandparents requested. They’re not interested in ‘prestige’, luxury resorts and fancy restaurants. For most millennials, luxury means authenticity, uniqueness and social value.

Southern Africa, more than any region in the world, offers this new concept of luxury. Imagine an authentic luxury mobile safari camp in the middle of the African wilderness. These camps can be set up in unexplored southern African safari territory where no other southern Africa hotel accommodation is available.