When last did you feel the coolness of crisp, green grass beneath your feet, or the smell of freshly cut wood burning in a campfire? Southern Africa travel experiences not only revitalise body and mind, there’s something soulful about reconnecting with yourself through nature.

It’s so easy to get caught up in our day-to-day routines we often forget to take time to stay present and appreciate the simple things in life. It may sometimes feel we need to launch into space to truly escape the chaos of life on earth.

Let 2018 be the year you escape the noise, touch screens and bright lights of the city. Travel to Southern Africa and surround yourself in a pure, serene, unrushed setting.

Here are some reasons why travelling to Southern Africa is exactly what you need to reconnect with yourself and others:

That raw wilderness

Southern Africa travelImagine exploring the meandering waterways of the Okavango Delta on a mokoro canoe, or transversing the Kruger National Park in a 4×4. Witness herds of elephants, prides of lions and roaming antelopes, just as they should be, in the pure, untouched wilderness and not behind the bars of a cage. This is an experience that no Youtube video will ever come close to conveying and one of the many reasons Southern Africa travel experiences help visitors reconnect with nature.

Southern Africa travel delivers pure adrenaline

Southern Africa travelSouthern Africa attracts all levels of adrenaline junkies, but even if you’re not a wannabe Bear Grylls, it’s still the place to be. Try your hand at quad biking and sandboarding among the red dunes of Namibia, or plunge into Devil’s Pool at the extreme edge of Victoria Falls. There is nothing like a good rush of pure adrenaline to make you feel alive even if you’re the kind that normally avoids it. Travel to Southern Africa for an array of soft and hard adventure experiences that will get your pulse racing.

Remembering what’s important

Southern Africa travelAs you pass through the rural villages of Zululand or observe the traditions of the indigenous Maasai people in Kenya, you will remember what it feels like to live a humble and happy life, without the needing very much. Your experience travelling through Southern Africa will be a positive one, but also incredibly enlightening, as you regain a genuine sense of appreciation for what you have and how others are content when they have much less.

Reclaiming your time

Southern Africa travelPut away your iPhone and laptop, but keep the camera. Move at a more peaceful pace and ignore the apps and emails beeping at you, commanding your attention. Head out on a safari walk with an armed tracker-guide to learn about the diverse array of animal and bird species, tracking them by their dung and spoor.

Enjoying the space

Southern Africa Travel

Soar 1000 feet above the Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa in a hot air balloon or explore the vast rolling plains of the Serengeti in an open 4×4 vehicle. You will soon realise how liberating it feels to be surrounded by the wide-open spaces that Southern Africa travel experiences deliver. Forget towering skyscrapers and bumper-to-bumper traffic, you will be sure to be amazed at how easy it is to find time to yourself without competing for space to just simply be.