Get your ‘Zen’ back in Africa

Referred to as the fastest growing travel sector in the world by major travel companies, wellness tourism is becoming increasingly popular in Africa.

The idea of “wellness in the wilderness” resonates with travellers seeking unique and authentic experiences, resulting in a demand for spiritual travel with an adventure component.

We decided to round up a few amazing destinations in Africa where even the most stressed-out traveller will find calm and balance…

Stargazing in Namibia

wellness in wilderness

Travellers looking for a place to relax, rejuvenate and heal their minds and bodies, are sure to enjoy a stargazing experience in Namibia. This experience can truly bring a sense of calm and reflection.

Recognised as a “dark sky reserve” thanks to its low light pollution and cloudless night skies, the NamibRand Nature Reserve offers views of the galaxy like few other places in the world. Most of the lodges in this nature reserve have their own telescopes for travellers who want to study the skies. Or, travellers can enjoy a star-bed in the wilderness and sleep a night in an open-air bedroom under the stars.

A rejuvenating tropical experience in Mozambique

wellness in wilderness

There are many yoga studios and retreats in Maputo, Tofo and Ponta do Ouro, but the truth is that simply the uninterrupted beaches in the country already have a calming effect on even the most stressed-out individuals.

Travellers can reconnect with their bodies and souls as well as with nature on any of Mozambique’s tropical islands. They can dive amongst hundreds of species of tropical fish and extraordinary coral reefs. In some cases, spa treatments can take place on the beach.

Walking yoga safaris in Zambia

wellness in wilderness

Some lodges in Africa have started offering yoga safaris, enabling travellers to meditate in the most beautiful wildlife surroundings.

On these safaris, travellers walk, practice yoga and meditate in Africa’s most remote and untouched wilderness areas, such as the Luangwa Valley in Zambia. The act of being on foot in the wilderness is yogic by nature. Travellers are able to truly slow down and synchronize to rhythms of the wilderness surrounding.

Perfect your sirhasana in the Western Cape Winelands in South Africa

wellness in wilderness

Perfect your headstand or sirshasana in the Western Cape or experience a sunrise vinyasa session overlooking the magnificent Cederberg mountains.

The Yoga Kitchen in Swellendam hosts retreats for all levels and packages include local accommodation, yin and vinyasa flow classes, cleansing plant-based meals, and workshops. The Yoga Kitchen is run by Marlien Wright, a Yoga & Pilates teacher, Nutritional Therapy Coach and writer of The Yoga Kitchen cookbook.

There are many unique wellness experiences on offer in Africa, but the truth is that every wildlife experience in Africa is about wellness. On a safari, travellers feel reacquainted with their senses of smell, hearing, seeing, tasting and feeling. The simple act of ‘unplugging’ from our busy lives and reconnecting with nature offers wellness benefits to every individual and is as good as any retreat.