Wi-Fi that goes where you go

The internet is vital. Having access to it makes our lives more convenient and it makes us aware of what is happening around us. We need it to stay connected, especially when travelling long distances by road. Unless we stop at a roadside restaurant we can’t easily access it in our cars. However, with the recent development in Southern Africa, car rental companies now offer Wi-Fi that goes wherever you go. Whether you are travelling on business or with kids or travelling to unfamiliar places, you can now look forward to enjoying the freedom of mobile connectivity in or out of your car rentals.

You no longer have to worry about Wi-Fi connections at hotels or other places because you can have it right in your car as you are on the go. Travellers can look up for activities, tours and attractions while on the road, much like you were simply sitting at home or at the office. International travellers can save more money by renting a mobile hotspot that connects to their devices while on their trip. Below, I have listed the benefits of using a Wi-Fi built in car or router when you are on the go with family, for business, or to new places.

Family travel

Wi-Fi that goes where you goThe Wi-Fi routers, or built-in Wi-Fi car, offers high-speed packet access to a mobile hotspot which travellers can use to create their own secure Wi-Fi hotspot, that can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously. If you are travelling with kids you can keep them entertained on the long journey thanks to Wi-Fi. They can stream videos, watch cartoons, play online games and stay connected to their social media accounts.

This can help you to create a memorable getaway for your journey by capturing stunning scenery along the way. You can even share those memories with your loved ones instantly on social media. Just like you do it back home, you can instantly upload and share your photos online.

Corporate Travel

Wifi that goes where you go

The built-in Wi-Fi or router allows travellers to experience high-speed, convenient Internet access on the go. You can stay in touch with your colleagues and clients while you are on your journey. You can also check your emails and access the online files. Ultimately, you have the option to take a break to join in a Skype or video conference call and send sizeable presentations or documents while you are in the car. You can even get the latest traffic updates ahead of time.

Explorers Travels

Wifi that goes where you goTravelling to a new place can sometimes be frustrating, especially when you are confined to a car. Car rental Wi-Fi makes travelling convenient as travellers can connect to the Wi-Fi router and use GPS applications like Google Maps to enjoy the turn by turn navigation for their journey without draining their own data.

Sometimes language might become a barrier when you are in unfamiliar territory. But with language translation apps easily available on the internet, you can make travelling even more convenient by not only translating words but also searching for the nearest restaurants that will suit your dietary needs. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, stay connected and save money.

You can book a Wi-Fi router the same way you book a GPS device online. You’ll receive a capped 1GB data per day and if you exceed the limit you may face reduced network speeds (down to 2G from 3G, for example) or lose access. The Wi-Fi built-in car or router can only be used in major cities within South Africa.


Author: Gustav Morata

Digital Marketing Specialist

SW Africa Destination Management