Destination: Serengeti with the Simbavati Lodge Collection

Welcome to the world of luxury and adventure with the Simbavati Lodge Collection’s latest additions: Simbavati Grumeti and Simbavati Migration Camp, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the vast plains of the Serengeti in the heart of Tanzania’s northern safari circuit. These two camps are a prelude to Simbavati Serengeti Hills and Simbavati Tarangire, both opening next year, creating even more opportunity for a fabulous Simbavati East African safari. Let’s find out more…

Simbavati Migration Camp: Chasing the Wildebeest’s Rhythm

Simbavati Migration Camp takes luxury to new heights as it follows the Great Wildebeest Migration. This mobile camp relocates twice a year, positioning itself strategically for optimal sightings during the river crossing spectacle and the wildebeest birthing period.

Luxury Amidst the Wilderness

Six luxurious mobile tents await guests, offering tranquillity and majestic views of the Serengeti plains. Twice-daily game drives bring you closer to the wildebeest and a myriad of wildlife, while the camp itself provides a front-row seat to birdlife and animal activity.

Immersive Activities

From game drives and bird watching to observing nature and wildlife directly from the camp, Simbavati Migration Camp ensures a variety of activities for every guest. Families and couples alike will find special appeal in the unique blend of luxury and adventure.

Unveiling the Serengeti

Discover the iconic Serengeti plains directly from the comfort of your tent, as Simbavati Migration Camp immerses you in the natural wonders of two prime locations.

Africalm – Where Nature Meets Wellness

At the heart of The Simbavati Lodge Collection’s philosophy is “Africalm” – a commitment to reconnecting with nature, resetting, and restoring through meaningful, immersive, and sustainable experiences. All of the Simbavati Lodge Collection’s lodges and camps in both Tanzania and South Africa embody this ethos, offering an unrivalled blend of wildlife, wilderness, and wellness.

As the Simbavati Lodge Collection continues to expand its footprint across Tanzania, these lodges promise not just a vacation but a transformative journey into the heart of Africa’s untamed beauty. Whether you’re wanting front row seats to the Great Wildebeest Migration or seeking serenity in the Serengeti, Simbavati invites you to create lasting memories amidst the wonders of the wild.