Working with groups both big and small…

When it comes to your groups and incentives, we’ve got the experience and expertise you need for handling large groups and creating customised itineraries that meet your requirements.

While the sweet spot for group size is sitting nicely between 11 and 50 qualifiers, a growing trend is for smaller groups going to high-end destinations, using the entire incentive budget for more luxurious accommodation options and magical custom experiences for fewer people.

Naturally, this is an exciting development and one we are in the perfect position to work with, thanks to our excellent understanding of the luxury safari market.

The changing face of corporate travel

Since COVID19 and the rise of the remote worker, corporates are having to look at changing their travel and expense policies, adapting to a more fluid way of doing things that takes into account more challenging travel arrangements for people working from home instead of a centralised office.

Remote workers are also more selective about the trips they take, prioritising those that require in-person meetings and events rather than digital conferencing.

We can help you put together even the most complex arrangements for you and your team, so get in touch with one of our travel experts today.

Your incentives are safe with us

Rest assured that when we put together an incentive or group business package for you and your clients here in Africa, safety and security is always top of mind. For example, we understand the need for more comprehensive travel insurance – a real deciding factor since COVID19.

We also pick destinations that have excellent facilities close at hand in the event of something going wrong, ensuring absolute peace of mind for all of travellers in your group.