Spending more time in fewer places lets you really relax

It’s the growing trend in travel and one we take to heart, encouraging all of our guests to kick back, relax and take it slowly, spending more time exploring and actually unpacking their suitcases at each destination. So instead of doing a couple of nights here and another few nights there on a frantic rush to get as much packed into your safari, we recommend spending more time at fewer destinations and really soaking in the ambience of where you are, discovering what makes each place so special.

You spend most of your year rushing around for work and play, but when you are on safari with us in Africa, it’s time to slow things down and adapt to “African time”, taking your days at a much less frenetic pace and immersing yourself in each amazing destination on your itinerary. Four or five nights per segment, or even longer, allows you to unpack, unwind and unburden yourself of pent-up stress, letting Africa soak in properly. There really is no need to rush, especially when you’re in the African wilderness!

Or how about our five-night self-drive tour of Cape Town and the Cape Winelands that combines the fascinating history of this amazing part of South Africa together with the chance to sample some award-winning wines and soak in some of the most beautiful scenery in the country? Combine these with a wonderful five or six-night safari to the Greater Kruger National Park and you have the makings of a truly superlative, slow safari!

Of course, the stay for longer trend is also applicable to MICE travel, and with 2024 off to a flying start, there’s no better time to start planning your incentives or corporate business for the year. We’re MICE experts and are ready to help you put together your travel diary, creating innovative ways to help you build your team, get your executives on the same page and reward your hard-working sales staff.

The tendency is to get business travel over as quickly as possible. Why the rush? Stagger your meetings and give yourself more time to chew the fat, brainstorm and soak in your surroundings. Slowing the pace leads to more fruitful results and encourages a positive mindset that helps growth and cements relationships. So think about adding a couple more days to your MICE travel itineraries to get more bang for your buck and an improved ROI.

Get in touch and let’s discuss your travel needs for the year!