Blue Train Golf SAFARI

Blue Train Golf SAFARI

A truly superb golf safari awaits the golf enthusiast in Africa. Golf safaris in Africa are the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. THE BLUE TRAIN, […]
5 amazing places to tee off in South Africa

5 amazing places to tee off in South Africa

Why keep your discussions in the boardroom when you can meet and connect with colleagues over a game of golf? Golf has always been the playground […]
South Africa's top 100 golf courses

South Africa’s Top 100 Golf Courses

South Africa boasts some amazing golf courses. Golf Digest does a biennial survey on the country’s top 100 golf courses, and there are some noteworthy changes […]
Zimbabwe is on its way back

ZIMBABWE is on it’s way back!

After touring Zimbabwe last month for the first time in four years, I can say with certainty that Zimbabwe is on it’s way back as a […]
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